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State-of-the-art X-rays

Preventing Cavities Faster



Roots and periodontal ligaments are not always clearly seen on panoramic images.


Root and root canal morphology is often difficult to evaluate based only on 2D (periapical or panoramic) images.


Root canal fillings cause artifacts to the images and decreases the accuracy of diagnosing root fractures.





With the multilayer panoramic feature, the sharp layer can be easily adjusted to present roots and periodontal ligaments


6 x4 cm (H x W) field of view Cone Beam 3D with accurate positioning improves diagnostics of apytical morphologies


Cone Beam 3D program dedicated for endodontics with high resolution and MAR (Metal artifact reduction) tool helps in seeing small details surrounding radio-opaque objects





In order to maintain teeth, preventative care is essential with check-ups every 6 months.




The RONDOflex plus air abrasion handpiece is the ideal adjunct to the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection aid for minimally invasive treatment of small carious lesions.